Our Graduate

Tim, putting his reloading and shooting skills to good use. This target is 5 shots at 200 yards.

Well done Tim!! 


Our Instructor's 600 yard 4 shot Group with 338 Lapua Mag. at just under 1.27 inches!! 

Graduate and excellent marksman, Dan G. provides an example of his load testing success with the 6.5 Creedmoor

​Wow. Quarter MOA .. 

Long Range Precision Reloading course

​Looking to improve your long range skills or are you a nationally ranked competitor looking to move up and increase your prize money?

If yes, Check out our two day course. 

If you are interested in PRECISION LONG RANGE RELOADING and Shooting.. this is the course for you!

​Two full days of detailed courseware and the ability to SHOOT and ASSESS your results 

Precision reloading achieves precision results. Excellent 3 shot group at 100 yards. Well done Al P.