Our Graduate

Tim, putting his reloading and shooting skills to good use. This target is 5 shots at 200 yards.

Well done Tim!! 


Our Instructor's 600 yard 4 shot Group at just under 1.27 inches!! 

Graduate and excellent marksman, Dan G. provides an example of his load testing success with the 6.5 Creedmoor

​Wow. Quarter MOA .. 

Long Range Precision Reloading course with Range Time (2 Day Class - Plus tour of FORSTER RELOADING)


Blessed with exceptional weather and a great team of precision shooters & reloaders!

Special thanks to THE SITE training team, The staff of the Black Bear Lodge, FORSTER Reloading for our plant tour and supplying their fantastic COAX Reloading Presses & Tools for use by our students!

If you are interested in PRECISION LONG RANGE RELOADING and Shooting.. this is the course for you!

​Two full days of detailed courseware and the ability to SHOOT and ASSESS your results at up to 600 yards